24 March 2012

Hosomi Timelapse drawing


This is an experiment.  A small drawing in charcoal and watercolour photographed every twenty minutes or so throughout the process of drawing.
I've been reading a little book on Japanese aesthetics by Donald Richie and came across the term  Hosomi - an emotional delicacy, a determination to slight not even the most trivial, to understand the beauty of just anything.

Quails' Eggs in a Japanese Bowl
Charcoal and Watercolour on Arches 350gsm HP paper
One day in March
Chopin Nocturne No. 2 in D Flat Major.  Op. 27.


  1. wow that was so gentle and beautiful - thank you, x anna

  2. This is so interesting, Sarah. My first thought, not being an artist, was to be startled that you drew the bowl after the eggs (because, of course, to my literal mind, the bowl must be there before the eggs can go in it!).

  3. Thank you Anna, and Anonymous, (who?) Yes, I guess drawing isn't linear. Also, in truth the eggs are comparatively easy to draw....the light coming round the sides of the bowl is the real challenge...

  4. What a wonderful little film... thanks!

  5. I was absolutely enthralled watching this beautiful drawing come to life. Mind you - have been looking through your blog and am delighted with all I see. Will certainly be keeping an eye open from now on!

  6. Thank you. I am only too aware of the inadequacies of the little film and want to do another one but am working on large drawings at the moment.

  7. This is hypnotic


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