9 March 2012

Out of the wood

Snowdrops, and alder twigs in a Japanese tea cup.  The finished drawing I began on Ash Wednesday, a day that for various reasons always has me meditating on death and renewal.  It seemed more than appropriate - significant to work in pure charcoal; that simplest of materials derived from very slowly burning the small, otherwise useless pieces of wood.  In that sense the drawing is, in both subject matter and physically - 'out of the wood'.

Drawing begun on Ash Wednesday.  Completed in 10 days

Charcoal on Arches 350 gsm paper HP
Chopin Nocturne No.1 in B-flat minor, Op. 9

In our end is our beginning...


  1. Just beautiful. Such a sense of peace and fragility.

  2. Fantastic, Sarah. Well done on yet another piece of amazing art. Gavin.

  3. Just 'discovered' you at the RWA, must head to Bath now...Love this snowdrop picture.

  4. Hi, myself Sharath from India and I am also a artist. I really like your body of works and you have so understanding of the medium and I like how u translate and handle the medium..............


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