13 June 2012


Nothing is ever quite as perfect as it can seem at first glance.
Although the latin name for Dragonflies is Odonata  their infraorder is Anisoptera which comes from the Greek meaning 'uneven wings'.

This is my second attempt at a dry-point of the same dragonfly. What attracts me most of all is indeed the play of symmetry and asymmetry, but also the poignancy of his one damaged wing against the near perfection of the other three.

Sarah Gillespie
Dragonfly -  29cm x 39cm Drypoint engraving on Arches Aquarelle paper 350gsm


  1. Just back from London where I saw your work at the Royal Academy. I love it. So clean and simple and powerful. I nearly bought the Alders - might do yet! Will e-mail you as I would love to see more of you work.

  2. Thank you. Do please e-mail. Did you spot that the Alders are available as a greetings card in the shop?...I'd rather you bought the painting of course!


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