14 July 2012

Three more moths

March Moth, (left,)  December Moth, (right,) and Winter Moth, (below.) Three more moths from the 'Seven Winter Moths' suite of drawings.  All are 12" x 8" in charcoal, inks, pigment and watercolour on Aquari hand-made paper. Click on any image to enlarge for more clarity.

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  1. Sara, it's lovely to see a few more of your moths in close up. You've managed to make the March moth look wonderful. When you have to count the many that come to the trap (not this year!) I find them quite boring, yet you have made them look so glorious. I've always trapped moths with an eye on their design as well as their distribution and, if we ever get decent enough numbers this summer, I shall look at all of them in more detail. What about another moth in huge numbers to come in September... would love to see what you do with the Setaceous Hebrew Character! Lesley

  2. Exquisite moths! I've noticed that people in the UK seem to appreciate these subtle beauties so much more than here in the US. Just discovered your website and blog this evening and I'm reveling in them. Love your work.


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