22 July 2014

A very short film

There is nowhere quite like a studio.  This very short film of me in mine was made last week by my son Louis.


  1. Wonderful! It is a real treat to see you at work in your studio. It looks like a very pleasant space in which to make beautiful paintings. I was thinking of you, and the sweet little pen and ink stoat you drew last year, as I sketched a flicker that had met a sudden and violent end against a window this morning. The impact was such that the bird fell stone dead in the most graceful pose possible: with both wings swept forward, and the head softly draped down the back. I hope that it will still be in fairly decent shape tomorrow, so I can draw some more.

  2. Louis has caught you and your studio beautifully. And what are you working on? I look forward to seeing it when it is ready, a wide view of the world after your very intimate observations.


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